Copernic Desktop Search vs. Google Desktop Search

I’ve been using Copernic’s desktop search program for the last several weeks as part of my ongoing effort to wean myself from Google. It’s not going too well. Unfortunately, Copernic just doesn’t find my stuff when I look for it. Furthermore, on the occasion when it does find some data (that which I have forcibly made it index and verified that it’s there), it takes a lot longer than Google Desktop Search to return my results.
Previously, I tried Microsoft’s new search, and dropped it within a few hours because it is hideously slow and a system resource pig. I also tried the desktop search from, but since it only indexes Outlook emails, not Thunderbird, that isn’t an option.
So, I’m uninstalling that and moving on the the next candidate. Perhaps I’ll suck it up and try X1. I suppose if it works as well as Google’s desktop search, then it would be worth purchasing.

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