Brazil – Cuiaba, Days 1-3

I said goodbye to my hosts in Florianopolis on Monday morning and I caught my flight, with connection, to Cuiab?. While in the airport, I observed people drinking beer at 9:30 (but with time zone changes, I’m?sure it was at least 5:30 where they came from). I managed to check my bag, get on the plane, and catch my connecting flight without any English. Even though there wasn’t a lot of talking required, I’m still proud of that.

I arrived and was greeted at the airport by Regina, Daniel and Alberto, who have maintained the Brazilian hospitality I’m still getting to know. Everyone seemed very excited to see me, like I was a long-lost relative. The language barrier is a little more present now than it was in Florian?polis, but still not a problem. Roberto speaks barely any English, and yet, after spending hours together, we still manage to get the important points across.

Drivers and motorcyclists here in the Cuiab??region are… brave. I’ll have to get some video, as I don’t think my words can do justice to the kind of performance I witness every time I buckle up and say a prayer.

On our first day, we went directly to my hosts’ weekend house in the country. The road there passes through several miles of national forest and preserves. The region is very dry and in a giant crater, making it very hot. On the way, we stopped by Port?o do Inferno (“Hell’s Gate”) – a very inviting place! Apparently the mountain biking in the area is very good. I hope to find out myself this coming weekend.

On Tuesday night, my hosts took me to visit a capoeira class. They asked the teacher if I could observe or participate, and he invited me to join them. The class was a great workout, and a lot of fun. I’ll be going back again tonight, despite the fact that all kinds of different muscle groups are really stiff two days later.

Brazil – Florian?polis

I spent the last weekend in Florian?polis with Fl?via, Janderson, and Juliana. It was pretty much a non-stop R&R weekend, which included highlights including capirinhas on the beach, my worst sunburn ever, and dog TV. Other than the sunburn, it was a terrific way to spend the time. I was thinking back to a guy (referenced in Tim Ferriss’ first book) who relocated to South America and owns a business running tours for foreigners. Awfully tempting. We ate at several small restaurants on various beaches, including one that we reached by a small ferry. The food was amazing everywhere we went. We went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner on my last night there, and I was shocked that neither the waiter nor chefs seemed to know what unagi is.

The Brazilian Coffee Shop, Aikido, Internet Scene

As I recover from a great aikido class last night, my body still asking “why the hell did you do that to me,” I am sipping a cappuccino (with the obligatory whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and Jimmies on top), finalizing the rest of my flights around the country for the coming month. The coffee shop I’m sitting in is playing what sounds like the greatest hits of the 80’s (“Alive and Kicking,” “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “Every Breath You Take,” “Pride (In the Name of Love),” etc.). Continue reading “The Brazilian Coffee Shop, Aikido, Internet Scene”