Brazil Day 4 – Business as (un)Usual

Today, I

  • reviewed a client’s firewall log reports for the month of October,
  • gave some direction to the rest of the Paradigm crew on some niggling issues,
  • assisted a client with transcoding a video for inclusion in his PowerPoint presentation tomorrow,
  • assisted the same client’s network support crew with a recommendation on how to securely provide wireless Internet access to his patients,
  • performed a cursory penetration test of a wireless network (yay, WEP),
  • assisted with the same client’s home/office PC, as its email ceased working when his Outlook Express inbox eclipsed 2GB, and finally,
  • assisted one of same client’s staff with translation of some medical forms from English to Portuguese,
  • made two new friends in IT, and discussed various issues, network service solutions, including Astaro, CloneZilla, Debian, and Squid.

The difference between this any any other normal day is that I did it all from Maring?, Paran?, Brazil.

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