Boston Marathon Bombing – (Who Cares If) It Was Terrorists(?)

Yesterday, two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring over a hundred others. The big question people seem to be asking today, besides “who did it,” is “what it a terrorist attack?” My response is “who cares?” Here’s the important point: people were killed, deliberately, by someone’s intentional act of aggression. Was it a terrorist attack? In my opinion, it absolutely was. Innocent people were targeted and killed. Sounds like terrorism to me. Does this matter? Not at all. Whether the attack was or wasn’t terrorism doesn’t change my opinion one bit; the people responsible, whether foreign or domestic, should be punished for their heinous crimes. Why they did it doesn’t matter. The fact that the did it does.

Flags fly at half staff
Flags fly at half staff after the Boston Marathon bombings

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