Be Thankful

Wow, oh wow what a trip the last day has been.
So, I had dinner plans last night, and they were immediately complicated by the fact that I locked myself out of my office. No cell phone, but fortunately I had my wallet with me, so I could still get food, which is good, because I had been told about this place and the ranting and raving alone were enough to make me drool. It would have been a real letdown if I couldn’t buy dinner.
I immediately started to work the network of folks who were in the area and had keys to the building… and failed. Everyone was unavailable or unreachable. So I decided to relax and ride the wave and see where it took me. To sum up, I was finally, after repeated trips back and forth to different locations with different sets of keys, able to get home and sleep in my own bed last last night.
Rewinding just a bit, I was telling my friend at dinner about my trip to Japan, as good Japanese food always makes me reflect on my trip. Shortly after that, while we were eating and I was relaying another story, I heard a ringing in my ears. I stopped short in mid-sentence and cocked my head to one side. I looked at my friend and said “Someone is talking about me.” I suspected it was one of my colleagues from work, just receiving my voicemail saying “haaaalp! I am locked out,” but there wasn’t much to be done about it at the time, as I was sitting in a restaurant in Burlington without a phone anywhere in site.
Fast forward to this morning. I checked my email and found a message from, none other, than THE friend I was describing in my story about Japan. I haven’t spoken with or heard from this gentleman for approximately six years, yet, out of the blue, I receive an email from him saying he is coming to Vermont next week and wants to meet up. I was absolutely astounded. He is the latest in many old friends who have been popping up all over recently, including former co-workers (one I sought out, one who sought me out), a random acquaintance I made while on a cruise in 2004 (a friend of a friend in the Ubuntu community). It’s been really astounding at these people who are just coming out of the woodwork!
So, I am once again offering prayers of thanks for all of the fortuitous events that are coming my way, and riding this crazy wave life as far as it will take me. Be thankful for what you have – it pays.

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