Unix Time Hits 1200000000 Today! Watch it happen!

Today, Unix and derivative operating systems all over the world will have their clocks reach 1200000000. This is the number of seconds which have elapsed since the “dawn of time” (in Unix terms, anyway), or 1970.
If you want to watch your clock flip, just issue this command
watch -n1 date +”%s”

Soon I Will Be Invincible – Great Book

After finishing it, I highly recommend the book. The parallels between Grossman’s characters and DC Universe mainstays are obvious, but the differences are refreshing and humorous. The split perspectives, half of the story told by the villain, the other half by a hero, also adds an interesting element. If you like superheroes, you’ll like this book.


Okay, so I never called myself a trend-setter. My wife and I are watching the first episode of Lost now. Yeah, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. More later, assuming it’s worth writing on.