WordPress 2.6.1 Upgrate

I just ugpraded to WordPress 2.6.1, following my usual procedure (backup, download, extract over existing blog). I got some errors when I clicked to update the database:

WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name 'comment_approved']
ALTER TABLE nikolaidis_wp_comments ADD KEY comment_approved (comment_approved)

WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name 'type_status_date']
ALTER TABLE nikolaidis_wp_posts ADD KEY type_status_date (post_type,post_status,post_date,ID)
Upgrade Complete

Your WordPress database has been successfully upgraded!

Given the last line, I’m inclined to think that these database upgrades may have been done in the 2.6 upgrade I did a while back.

At least, that’s my hope…

Apology to the Woman I Offended – Rescinded

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I made a comment which offended one of our listeners. She emailed us anonymously and stated she would be unsubscribing from our podcast.

After further consideration over the weekend, I decided that I was wrong, not in my initial comments to which she chose to be so offended by, but in the rendering of my apology. Continue reading “Apology to the Woman I Offended – Rescinded”

Brookfield is Now Part of ECFiber

Last night, Brookfield, one of the three towns who have expressed an interest in ECFiber but not yet signed the agreement, did indeed sign on and is now a part of the initiative to bring fiber to every home and business in 21 (and counting) towns in east central Vermont.