Fairpoint (FKA Verizon), You #$@#$^&* @#$(* !@#@#@ !!@(()*&!!!!

Ever get the feeling that maybe you spoke too soon?
Yeah, me too.
So remember the Fairpoint tech, who showed up unannounced, and told me our lines were crossed with someone else’s? He told me that they were getting our calls, and we were getting theirs. I gave him a list of other problems we were having.
Note that the problem of us getting their calls and them getting ours was not something that I had personally experienced…
Until he left.
After saying the problem had been fixed.
So, after everything was all set, every call placed to our business went to some family across town. Wonderful.
Now I know how my clients feel when I tell them they have had a RAID failure, and they are going to lose data, and they say “but we haven’t had any problems,” and then their server dies for real. *sigh*

Thank you, Fairpoint (FKA Verizon)

Today, unprompted by me, a technician from Fairpoint Communications (formerly known in these parts as Verizon) showed up, saying we had a “crossed pair” on our line.
I asked him if this could have anything to do with some issues we’ve been having on our line for quite some time, including

  • Incoming calls not being answered (because we never heard them ring)
  • Dropped calls
  • Outgoing calls hanging up after one ring
  • Noise on the line
  • Incoming calls not rolling over to our second line on busy/no answer

He looked, nodded sagely, and said that all of those things could be caused by the crossed pair, which did not surprise me.
I’m glad to know that this was a) not our fault, b) not a problem with my Asterisk box, and c) something that he was able to fix. As he was leaving, he commented that he hadn’t worked in Bethel in many years, and that everything is “all messed up.” Again, this did not surprise me.
Now, the only remaining question I have is what have the other parties who’ve been getting my calls been doing with them? Thank goodness it wasn’t a competitor. 🙂