RT 3.8.0 – Stable Again Thanks To InnoDB

Thanks to a couple of helpful folks on the rt-users mailing list, we were able to track down the cause of our problems. We experienced some corruption in our MySQL databases. I found out that you should “never” run RT on MyISAM tables and always use InnoDB. Oddly enough, we’ve run on MyISAM for years and never had this problem. However, we did have issues with slownes, for years, and it’s something we’ve been struggling with constantly.
for t in $(mysql -unotreal -pdontbother --batch --column-names=false -e "show tables" rt3);
mysql -e "alter table $t type=InnoDB" rt3;

Running this script revealed an error with the “Tickets” table.?Fortunately, the data itself in our tables was not corrupt, just the indexes were. ?myisamchk was able to repair these and allow us to convert all tables to InnoDB format. Once I fixed that error, I was able to convert everything over to InnoDB.
I was thrilled to see that, once the conversion was finished, RT popped right back up into place, with all of the tickets in their usual spots. And, as a bonus, the thing’s a lot faster than it ever was before.
Lesson learned. Next time, read the instructions more carefully.