SANS STI Masters Degree in InfoSec

I just found out that the SANS Technology Institute is offering two Masters degree programs in Information Security. A couple of years ago, I had toyed with the idea of pursuing an MBA, but after realizing that I was already a) making more money than the average MBA graduate right out of school and b) owning my own business and fairly happy with life at the time, I asked myself “why would I want to spend the time and money to get an MBA to change what’s not broken?” Needless to say, since I’m not “Peter Nikolaidis, MBA,” I didn’t pursue that course.
But a Master degree in something that I am very interested in, made up of SANS classes (which, if the one I’m taking is any indication, are very interesting and relevant to what I want to be doing), may be exactly what I’m looking for. Watch this space for details!