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I’ve Hit a New low

Last week, I followed a friend’s example and started celebrating my birthday two days in advance, and really didn’t finish until, oh, about a week after. As a result, I had my highest caloric intake in a single day since I started the Medifast diet last June. See this graph for a visual. Weight and […]

Medifast Transition

So, I’ve been “transitioning” back to “normal” food over the last few weeks. The web site has been automatically adjusting my recommended daily intake of food for me, gradually dropping me down the number of Medifast meals (shakes, soups, and bars) and reintroducing extra vegetables, fruits, dairy, and grains. So far, my body’s not […]

Astrology, Biking, Coffee, Fresh Ubuntu, Prayer, Roy Orbison, and Stacking Wood

Warning: Totally spastic and lacking-of-focus post coming, but it should have something for everyone, so whether you are into astrology, open source, podcasting, synchronicity, music, caffeine, faith, or fighting big oil, there’s something here for you! (more…)